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Reducing costs is a major benefit for converting a field to artificial turf. Then add to it: less water comsumption, more consistent surfaces, and less maintenance. Now is the time to design, build, or convert.

As the most played sport in the world, soccer is growing more and more popular in the US. Maintaining a soccer field is a huge undertaking however, that is not only exrtremely costly but also extremely difficult on the enviroment.

Field hockey fields require various types of upkeep in addition to a large amount of water, and have to be as durable and tough as the players who use them. Durability is key in order to take the abuse and punishment they will recieve for their lifespan.

The team at Sustainable Turf Solutions provides design/build, installation, and field maintenance services at a level of the highest standard. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of all the benefits STS has to offer.

Artificial soccer field grass – the ultimate combination of high performance and low maintenance

The time and effort it takes to upkeep an athletic field with natural grass have created a large demand for a high-quality artificial coating that would be able to withstand the heavy traffic and cut the maintenance expenses. And synthetic grass has been successfully satisfying this demand for the last decade replacing its natural counterpart in football and soccer fields, stadiums, arenas, and school track fields.

Sustainable Turf Solutions offers artificial grass for multiple applications including athletic. Our fake grass for football fields comprises of synthetic fibers that not only replicate the look and feel of natural turf but also have a number of undeniable benefits.

5 Reasons to install artificial grass on your soccer field

  • Year-round usage
    Heavy snow and rain quickly turn natural grass into slippery mud. Fake grass, on the other hand, is perfect to play on rain or shine.
  • High endurance
    Unlike natural grass, the artificial one does not need recovery time between games. Use it as much as you need without worrying that it will quickly tarnish.
  • Low-maintenance
    No trimming, no mowing, no watering. And no fertilizing which means no exposure to toxic chemicals or pesticides for the players.
  • Eco-friendliness
    Be kind to our planet! The price of a turf football field is nothing comparing to how much you will be able to save on water usage and the difference to the environment it will make.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    The cost of a soccer turf field is quite steep, but it will pay for itself in 4-5 years. And we give a 15-year warranty on every installation, so you do the math.

If you are interested in replacing your natural grass field with artificial turf, Sustainable Turf Solutions is your choice. We are certified installation experts with decades of experience. Have questions about outdoor or indoor soccer grass prices? Need help selecting the right shade and texture for your project? Give us a call at (877) 336-7320, and our team will gladly assist you!

Football & Soccer Fields Products

We custom design every field based on its unique needs. Inquire with an STS specialist today to learn more about our field products.


With design/build services, your project receives quality attention from its conception. This allows for consistency through the different project phases, allowing for a smoother process and less hassles. The design team at STS is eager to help with your project vision, and will provide solutions along the way.

Installation services are also offered, with the highest standards in place. And even though no one component supersedes another, having a good installation is truly the foundation for a long lasting field. The professional installers at STS have had years of experience building and installing fields that are still being successfully used today.

Baseball and softball synthetic field maintenance packages are also offered in order to assure a longer lifespan for the field. Without proper maintenance, a good investment can go the other direction quickly. Trust the experts at Sustainable Turf Solutions who have the experience, knowledge and understanding needed to best preserve your investment.


Artificial turf fields provide unmatched surface consistency in comparison to a natural grass field. Even after a big fall, infill displacement is not a problem with a little grooming. Total control over a sports surface is what you’re really getting with a synthetic grass sports field. (And safer happier players too of course)


While natural grass grows constantly, it must also be maintained constantly. With a synthetic grass field however, you are in charge and not mother nature. A synthetic sports field also allows for the elimination of mowing and fertilizing, aeration, and irrigation expenses. The STS pros will assist you in understanding the ROI that makes this such an attractive option.


The amount of water a natural grass sports field requires is tremendous, impacting the environment, particularly the imminent drought we are facing. And since water is a necessary component for our survival, conservation must be considered in order for us all to share this beautiful planet. Not only will a synthetic sports field help save money by eliminating the cost to irrigate it, but it also saves millions of gallons of water every year.

Installation Options

Through the design/build process, the Sustainable Turf Solutions design staff will help formulate your goals and bring them to life. Our experts will help to address unforseen issues ahead of time and provide solutions to eliminate problems before they ever appear.

With installation services provided as well, it’s all done under one roof. When you choose STS for your field installation needs, you can feel confident that the field is installed the way it is intended, with performance you can depend on for the lifetime of the product.

Field maintenance is critical to preserve and protect these large investments. Rest assured that the trust you put on the expert staff at Sustainable Turf Solutions to maintain your artificial grass field is the right decision.


There are many components to a synthetic sports field system, each and every one importantly reliant on the other. With STS handling the design/build process, every aspect of the artificial grass sports field is controlled. From the sub-base, to the drainage system, to the turf, to the surrounding elements - we design and build to control and match specifications accurately.


A player’s performance on the field is affected by many factors, so it must be constructed with care and precision. This is why the proper execution of a field installation is a such a crucial factor to the whole process. Whether it’s the pad, the turf, or the different layers of infill, each component plays a necessary function for optimal execution.


Preservation of a baseball or softball aritificial grass field assures its performance, and therefore the performance of its players. This is why Sustainable Turf Solutions offers regular field maintenance packages. We are dedicated to supporting and maintaining performances from the ground up, so that everyone else can focus on achieving their success.


With years of experience overseeing thousands of installations, the Sustainable Turf Solutions team has your back! We are experts at providing the most professional looking and performing residential and commercial yards, putting greens, sports fields, and playground areas. We make sure your installation is done right.


Our goal is to keep your outdoor paradise in perfect condition. We also offer repair services in case of an unfortunate event.


All Sustainable Turf Solutions products are recyclable, making them even more environmentally friendly.





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