Is Artificial Grass As Soft As Natural Grass For Sports Fields?

Is Artificial Grass As Soft As Natural Grass For Sports Fields?

Is Artificial Grass As Soft As Natural Grass For Sports Fields?

There has been an ongoing debate in sports about whether natural grass or synthetic turf fields are ideal for playing surfaces. 

Natural grass has been used for much longer than artificial turf, which only came to market in the mid-20th century. But natural sod, it has been found, can also be a nightmare for any team, whether professional, club, or school. Some of the ongoing problems grass fields have include:

  • Freezing in the winter in cold climates, only to turn into muddy patches in the spring.
  • Dried out grass blades in a too-hot summer.
  • More rain delays and weather stops because of pooling water, mud, and a slow-drying surface.

When AstroTurf was introduced in the 1960s, it looked to be a great alternative to natural grass surfaces but wasn’t developed even remotely close to what synthetic turf is today. The ground was actually harder on many players than natural grass and caused injuries that held up play.

Now, with new developments and technology, schools, professional teams, and other recreational facilities are finding that artificial grass is easier to use and play on than its natural counterpart.

But is artificial grass as soft as natural turf? And will players appreciate the difference?

The short answer is yes, modern fake grass can be designed to be supportive and soft for your players, helping to reduce injury and increase comfort. And because you can cut down on maintenance costs like watering, mowing, and chemical spraying, you’ll keep players and staff happier for longer. When players know they’ll be on a consistent surface, they can keep the focus on improving their game.


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