4 Factors That Make Artificial Grass The Best Option For Baseball Fields

4 Factors That Make Artificial Grass The Best Option For Baseball Fields

4 Factors That Make Artificial Grass The Best Option For Baseball Fields

If you were to choose your baseball field’s surface solely by installation price, you’d probably select natural sod. After all, a synthetic product designed to be optimal for sports will, by nature, cost more.

But that neglects to take into account the long-term savings that can come with artificial turf, a more expensive product upfront, but one that lasts significantly longer than its natural counterpart. 

In fact, these four benefits of artificial grass for baseball fields show just how cost-effective and player-friendly artificial turf can be.

  1. Forget Maintenance

One of the primary benefits that artificial grass has when it comes to cost comparisons over the long term is that synthetic turf does not require maintenance in any way as natural grass does. You can provide players with a surface that is always consistent, never needs to be mowed, and won’t need water or sunlight for growth, which will mean huge savings, just in water bills alone.

  1. Get More Gameplay

Baseball fields with natural grass are susceptible to rain delays, which leads to frustrated teams and unhappy players. You may have to wait an hour just until the ground is dry enough to be safe for play, and even then, any momentum and excitement from teams and fans have likely dissipated.

  1. Practice More

Practice is equally susceptible to delays due to weather problems, particularly during certain times of the year. But with artificial turf, your team will be able to get out on the field for practice earlier than those teams that have natural grass surfaces.

  1. Go Custom

Baseball stadiums are unique from other sports, given their shape and design. But with artificial turf, you can customize your field by using different colors, installing your logo or team name, and even choose the right support to help cushion players when needed.


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