How To Maintain Your Outdoor Turf Playing Fields During The Summer Heat

How To Maintain Your Outdoor Turf Playing Fields During The Summer Heat

How To Maintain Your Outdoor Turf Playing Fields During The Summer Heat

It’s summer, and a hot one at that.

This time of year adds a challenge to field manager’s plates, as sporting facilities are in high-demand with schools out for summer, and hotter, drier weather making it harder to keep everything looking its best.

When you have an artificial grass field, you won’t need to keep your sprinkler system running to have your playing surface stay green, which means knocking that water bill down. Forgot dried-out patches of sod, and forget soaking fields that need time to dry.

However, in a period of extreme heat, it’s still vital that you keep an eye on your artificial grass playing fields to protect your investment and player comfort. Incorporating these tips into your routine will help everyone stay safe.

Artificial Grass Gets Hot

If there is one downside to artificial grass fields, it’s that they can get hot over the summer. Imagine keeping a toy, or piece of jewelry outside in the summer months — it’ll get hot, which is the same that happens with synthetic grass.

So What Can You Do?

A hot playing surface won’t be comfortable for players in any way, which is why you can do one easy thing to cool down your artificial turf field on those hot days: water it. But wait, you say, I thought the benefit of synthetic turf is that it doesn’t need water? Think of it this way: quickly cooling down your field even once a day in the summer will still cost less than needing to water sod all year long.

What To Tell Players

Make sure players are aware that synthetic grass can get hot so that they tell someone before an injury occurs. Help them stay hydrated, and make sure to provide plenty of water breaks. Loose-fitting clothing and sunscreen can help protect the body, and if you schedule your practice for mornings or evenings, you’ll void the strongest sun.


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